Is affiliate marketing some kind of pyramid scheme is probably the most common question from people that want to start an online business…

This post is going to bust the most common myths surrounding affiliate marketing and online business. This is a completely uncensored FAQ… which means the good and the bad! So if you just want to only hear about Bright Shiny Objects you may want to leave now!

The last two posts revealed the idea of AI Sales Machine + high ticket affiliate marketing, you know exactly what to do to start bringing in profit fast…

Once it’s all set up you get paid without doing any of the work.

Short of me giving you money…

It cannot be any easier for you to make a lot of sales with this system.

But the fact is this is not for everyone…

The Harsh Truth To Affiliate Success

AI Sales Machines are not good for low-ticket affiliate promotions. Yes, you can use AI to sell almost anything to almost anyone…

With that in mind, it works best for selling high-ticket products without you ever having to talk to anyone ever.

If you’re okay with only getting bigger commissions and avoiding low-ticket affiliate products then Simplify And Automate may be for you…

And you can make much more money selling one or two high-ticket products than you can make all MONTH selling low-ticket products.

Here are a few more questions that we get…

Is affiliate markeitng a pryamid scheme?

It’s not. In fact, you’re setting up your own business where you promote other people’s products. Similar to a middleman.

Most importantly you create assets that you own that you can profit from over and over and over again even if the product you’re promoting as an affiliate changes!

I tried and failed before will it really work for me?

The truth is… I don’t know. But I do know that most people that are committed and take action get results.

And the best part is… the less you do the more you make! By setting up the system you have less impact on the results.

Will this work for me if I HATE selling?

That’s the beauty of this system… you don’t have to do any selling.

It’s all about leverage!

Most high-ticket coaches, consultants, or advisors have a team of closers.

Your job is to leverage their team by sending a few interested leads to them. The true beauty of this system is that buyers will actually thank you for helping them find the right product.

It’s a true WIN… WIN… WIN

It’s a win for the customer because you help them solve a big problem in their business or life…

It’s a win for the vendor because they get a new customer for FREE…

It’s a win for you because the vendor will gladly pay you over and over again for highly qualified leads.

What about traffic?

This system works best with LESS traffic. Most people should only start with about 100 clicks!

After that could you scale it up to 500 – 1,000+ clicks per month and make more money…. yea.

But if you can’t make money with 100 clicks then you probably can’t make money with 10,000 clicks.

Start with making BIG money from a tiny number of clicks then scale.

A good rule of thumb is The 1% Rule.

The 1% Rule states that on average about 1% of your leads will buy.

If you talked to 100 random people on the street and said “hey do you want to copy an internet millionaires money making website?”

1 out of the 100 people (1%) would want to know more.

Your only job is to get in front of 100 people and 1% will say yes.

And every time they say yes you make $1,000…$3,000… up to $5,000 in commissions.

Don’t worry this doesn’t require spending thousands in FB ads, having a big email list or large social media following.

This Will NOT Work For Just Anybody

You can use an AI Sales Machine to build a dream business for you…

But it doesn’t work for just anybody!

If you are the ‘typical opportunity seeker’ who jumps from product to product looking for a way to get rich overnight – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

If you aren’t ready to FULLY COMMIT to being a BUSINESS OWNER i.e. managing a team, paying taxes, and helping others – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

If you’re looking for some hyped up crap that never works but don’t want to focus on basic business principles PROVEN to get results – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!

If that’s you, don’t waste your time.  

I can’t promise you specific results but I can lay out the master plan for combining the AI Sales Machine and high ticket affiliate marketing to get $1,000… $3,000… $5,000 deposits into your bank account daily!

And I can guarantee that it will work if you work the system…

You could try to figure it out on your own… but that could take weeks or months of trial and error! Not to mention finding the right products to promote, finding the perfect team members and training them fast…

There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve…

So, the absolute, best, no-fail way to get started…

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